The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew marveled at why Romney's Mormonism hasn't been scrutinized and called out the bishop appointment of a Bush-Cheney torture architect. He then interpreted Mittmentum – something Jon Chait called attention to earlier – and guffawed at Romney's etch-a-sketching on foreign policy.

In debate reactions, Weigel determined that Romney won the insta-polls, Beinart hailed the third debate a victory for Bush, and as the blogosphere weighed in, readers analyzed. A secret tunnel connected Iran and Syria, Romney backed the ICC and after the former Mossad chief excoriated Romney, Andrew hit back at Conor Friedersdorf's drone argument. Plus, Andrew revealed the zen of live-blogging, Michelle Malkin policed Ann Coulter and Mitt played Rafalca for Ann.

In election coverage, a reader pointed to Obama's stronger poll numbers, John Scalzi updated the view from Ohio and Douthat feared for the electoral college. Andrew Romano and Daniel Klaidman unpacked Obama's power moves, Obama rolled out ads on his second-term agenda and Drew Linzer thought Obama was the favorite. Mark Bowden then explained what impressed him the most about Obama, McKay Coppins checked in on Breitbart and Obama held a baby.

Maryland's marriage equality prospects looked up, Jacob Sullum flagged a marijuana-friendly site and as Andy Grove proposed suggested retail prices, William Cohan wondered whether financial crimes will go unpunished.

Andrew then reported on his bout with bronchitis, John Garnaut highlighted how little is known about Xi Jinping and David Sedaris lampooned gift-giving. Linda Holmes found that friendship ousted the family sitcom, YouTube proved less violent than TV and Matt Haber checked in on Jim Downey. Autofill failed, MHB here and VFYW here. Plus, don't forget to ask Massie anything!