Ad War Update: The Fast And The Spurious

While Sandy is sure to rain on the political ad parade, the Obama campaign didn’t waste any time releasing a rebuttal to Romney’s new auto-industry BS (airing in Ohio, but the buy size is unknown):

Brian Beutler notes that Romney’s new auto stance is so brazen that it’s even bothering the more neutrality-obsessed members of the media. Also new from the Obama campaign is a Spanish-language version of his second-term agenda-pitch, as well as this new four-state ad targeting voters as they make their final decision (buy size unknown):

In outside spending, Super PAC American Bridge 21st Century goes up in Ohio with a one-minute ad attacking Romney over Bain and other vulture-capitalist worries (buy size unknown):
From the other side, pro-Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future is sinking $2.1 million into Pennsylvania airtime, prompting the Obama campaign to put up a rival ad in response. Then there is GOP Super PAC Ending Spending Action Fund, which is spending $1 million to insert a 12-page, pro-Romney ‘Mittzine” in battleground newspapers. Elsewhere, in the increasingly brutal bout between Akin and McCaskill, the latter launches another ad against the “legitimate rape” comment:

For his part, Akin accuses McCaskill and her husband of corruption in one ad, while switching to a positive ad featuring lots of women:

Over in Wisconsin, the negativity rages on as Tommy Thompson again attacks Tammy Baldwin with 9/11 and the claim that she’s helped Iran while not helping US troops get their body armor (we featured their previous 9/11 ad exchange here and Baldwin’s claim that Thompson aided Iran here):

Last week in the Arizona Senate race, Democrat Richard Carmona released an ad heralding the support he received from GOP Senators McCain and Kyl during his US Surgeon General confirmation. Now the pair has gone on the air attacking Carmona on behalf of his opponent, Jeff Flake:

In the issues arena, Marylanders For Marriage Equality is out with new spot featuring a straight dude at a barbeque:

And in Washington State, here’s a new ad supporting legalization that touts the potential plus of keeping weed away from minors:

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