When Christianism Bites Back, Ctd

A reader writes:

I was raised Pentecostal and remember seeing LDS commercials on TV as a kid and asking my mom about it. I was totally psyched that the Bible might have had a sequel. The idea of Jesus spreading the Gospel to North America made total sense to me and sparked my imagination (Did Jesus visit Australia and Asia too? Will my Native American ancestors be in Heaven?).

My mom immediately struck down the idea and taught me that Mormonism is an evil, polygamous cult started by the kind of false prophets the Bible warns you about and threw them in the Satanic bucket with pagans, witches, eastern religions, Hollywood, and even Catholicism ("They pray to saints. That's paganism.").

That same women twenty years later is an enthusiastic supporter of Mitt Romney. The rest of my Pentecostal family is on board too. I haven't heard his religion come up once in conversations with them.

Politicized Christianism trumps apolitical denominationalism. I guess you can see that as progress (less religious bigotry) or degeneracy (fundamentalist political unity against theological truth).