Raging In The Rockaways, Ctd

An update on that six-alarm fire in Breezy Point, Queens:

Officials say the fire was reported at about 11 p.m. Monday and involved about 80 to 100 flooded houses situated in the Zone A area. More than 190 firefighters contained the blaze, but were still putting out some pockets of fire more than nine hours after it erupted.

Firefighters said the water was chest high on the street, and they had to use a boat to make rescues. They said in one apartment home, about 25 people were trapped in an upstairs unit, and the 2-story home next door was ablaze and setting fire to the apartment’s roof. Firefighters climbed an awning to access the trapped people, and took them downstairs to the boat in the street.


Firefighters were hampered by high winds and the lack of available water. “Once we get there it’s hard to begin fighting it,” a spokesman, Firefighter Danny Glover, said. “The wind is pushing it from house to house; that’s a big factor,” he said. “Another big factor is the difficulty of gaining access to viable water sources.” Seawater cannot be used in firefighting equipment, he added. 

So far there are only reports of a few minor injuries. Here’s what it looks like this morning:

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