Getting Better In Uganda, Ctd

A reader writes:

When I saw your post, I felt a soul-crushing sadness. You are grossly misinformed or naive. While I was trying to put together my thoughts for an email to you, I got an AP news item over Twitter and it speaks for itself: "Official: Uganda to pass anti-gay bill this year".  After you read it, think of those who hurry home in groups, look over their shoulder, keep up the phone-check with friends/family, and obsess about the stranger who said "no-one will mourn when you die". Those who just generally live in terror.

Look up activist David Kato [Dish link here]. It was ruled death by robbers even though everyone knows it was a homophobic murder. Most of us are not brave activists as he was, or have powerful/vocal friends like he did. So no one would notice, care, or question if someone walked in and smashed your skull in. It was just a robber. Think about that. I am lucky enough to live here in the US, but I talk to my elderly parents knowing I will probably never  see them alive again. Rethink gay Uganda please. Here's a White House petition.


While brief, this post has the latest on the bill and the timetable for it. The short answer is that the pressure is mounting in Uganda for action on the bill but the committee chair is keeping quiet and does not have the required report ready to present to Parliament. The bill has not appeared on Parliament’s order papers as well.