Eating Like A Predator

Nutrition writer J. Stanton encourages us to eat fewer meals during the day:

Some #sullyTMI thoughts. I've now been on a gluten free diet for over a year, and have slowly adjusted to eating only one real meal a day. Maybe I find that easier than most because eating bores the crap out of me, and is, for me, a necessary energy-producer, not something I treasure or savor or look forward to. If I could take three pills a day to provide nutrition, I'd prefer them to food. Because the less time I spend eating the more time I have for things I actually enjoy: going for a walk with the dogs, reading an essay or a book at leisure (those were the days), working out, watching The Soup, hanging with friends, slumping on the couch with my husband, etc. I'm unusual in that respect. I'm also unusual because I am now on a new drug called Egrifta which targets HIV-related lipodystrophy, i.e. strange fat accumulation around your internal organs, by triggering an increase in your own body's production of growth hormone.

Bottom line: I get less hungry and my body has slowly grown not actually to crave bread or cake or pasta or pizza. I've lost around 10 pounds or so – and 2 inches around my waist. I sleep better, eating like a predator. And because you only have one big meal a day, you actually enjoy it more, because you really are hungry. So I'm basically down to one full meal in my blogging break after 1 pm, and then a protein shake or some rice krispies in the evening. The effect is not sudden, like a crash diet, but gradual as your body adjusts to less processed wheat. Everyone's different, but it sure has worked for me.