The Base Doesn’t Love Cuomo

After reviewing approval numbers for 2016 contenders, Harry Enten finds that, "unless Andrew Cuomo dramatically repositions himself for a run for president in 2016, he may not find the liberal wing of his party backs his bid":

So, why isn't Cuomo more popular among the Democratic electorate? Only 22% of Democrats think he's liberal, 15% think he's actually conservative, and 65% peg him as moderate. Those numbers are quite staggering especially in comparison to how voters saw Hillary Clinton before her re-election to the Senate in 2006: 49% of New Yorkers saw her as liberal, 40% as moderate, and 11% as conservative. That's a far wider split than Andrew Cuomo's is currently. With Democrats, 38% thought she was liberal, 16 points ahead of Cuomo.