Will Readers Finally Pay For Content? Ctd

Hamish McKenzie checks in on the growing micropayment "ecosystem", including news that Kids filmmaker Larry Clark, following the lead of comedians like Louis C.K., will use the micropayment service TinyPass to stream his next film directly to fans. And others are experimenting as well:

In October [we] reported a story about a freelance journalist in New Zealand who, rather than solicit a publishing fee, asked for donations for a story he posted to a blog. While a magazine might have paid him about $500, the donations he earned via GiveALittle.co.nz brought him in about $5,000. Also in October, Vimeo launched a tip jar, allowing viewers to pay whatever they want to filmmakers who choose to enable the feature. Vimeo will soon also launch a Tinypass-like pay-to-view feature.

Micropayments could also grow hand-in-hand with micropublishing, a trend that is moving beyond blogging and into self-produced digital magazines. One soon-to-be startup, The Periodical, will in the next few days launch a tool that lets individuals publish and monetize magazines across digital platforms with the same ease as starting a blog.

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