Epistemic Closure In Uganda


Rachel Adams interviewed David Bahati, author of Uganda's anti-homosexual bill. The entire episode is a fascinating, if disturbing, window into an incurious mind. This reply to a question about the "research" that informs the bill stands out:

We have enough information about how our society works. Family is between man and woman. Anything beyond that should be outlawed. Most of the research we have is just from life. My mom was with my dad. I know the Bible and the Qur'an are against homosexuality. When an anal organ is used for things it's not supposed to be used for, it's hazardous. I don't need to be taught anything beyond that.

Jim Burroway notes that Ugandan Parliament adjourned yesterday and won't resume its work until February:

[I]f today’s Order Paper is any indication(DOC: 41KB/2 pages), Parliament’s eagerness to take up the Anti-Homosexuality Bill appears to be waning. It has now fallen to number seven under “Notice of Business to Follow,” following some fairly mundane committee reports, after having held the top spot just two weeks ago.

(Photo: On December 11, 2012 a man looks at an ad protesting Uganda's anti-homosexuality bill in the state-owned Ugandan newspaper The New Vision. By Michele Sibiloni/AFP/Getty Images)