Will Readers Finally Pay For Content? Ctd

Michael Meyer checks in on the e-singles marketplace:

E-singles typically sell for between $1.99 and $3.99, and you don’t have to be an accountant to realize it would take a lot of sales at that price to sustain even a modest business. "We don’t want the entire future of our business to rest on selling a million copies of something that costs $2," [Atavist’s CEO and cofounder Evan] Ratliff says.

Byliner, meanwhile, is meeting that challenge head-on. An announcement about a big publishing partnership is due any day, and the company claims that it will sell "a million" copies of its Byliner Originals this year alone. While it originally published only nonfiction, Byliner has since expanded into both fiction and serials. From a journalistic perspective, one could almost think of these as Byliner’s version of ancillary revenue streams, but Byliner ceo John Tayman doesn’t see it that way. "Do you need a secondary revenue stream to make a business out of selling stories to readers?" Tayman asks. "No, you do not."

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