Dish Independence: Your Questions

A reader asks:

Congratulations on the move forward! I've already registered for a Dish membership ($25), but I've got one question: will RSS feeds work with the meter and the new site? That's my primary method of delivery for all online reading, and it will be difficult to keep up reading yall without it.

Fear not – our RSS feed won't be affected by the meter. Another:

Congratulations on the new adventure, we will definitely join the team! However, I could not figure out whether a subscription can be purchased for a couple with multiple machines or whether we need a separate account for each individual.  Any info on that?

You will be able to use your username/password for multiple devices, given that many Dishheads read the blog at work and at home, as well as mobile devices. Another reader:

Please consider allowing comments in the paid site. There will be far fewer "trolls" in that environment.

No plans for a comments section, but we will put it up for a vote again in due course. In the past, readers have overwhelmingly preferred our curated reader emails rather than often raucous comments sections.

One final point which may have gotten lost. There is no paywall. No one coming to the Dish home-page will ever be stopped. All links to individual posts will be outside the meter and as free after we launch as they are now. We have no intention of cutting ourselves off from the blogosphere we love and need. And vice-versa. The only meter arrives at the "Read On" posts, whose full text you have to be a member to read.

And, by the way, we are currently overwhelmed by the massive response. We'll report back as soon as we can firm up the precise numbers. But the level of support so far is pretty staggering. We can't thank you enough. Stay tuned …