Malkin Award Nominee

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"Unfortunately, Sullivan isn't going away entirely. He's too beloved by the elite left-wing media to disappear into the obscurity he deserves. As we've seen from left-wing journalists like Ben Smith and Dave Weigel, there's already a push to ensure Sullivan's success in a new venture that will likely produce more of the hysterical, out-of-control Andrew Sullivan the media finds so valuable. Now that he'll be a total independent and beholden to no editorial oversight whatsoever, Sullivan will enjoy the room necessary to blossom even more as the media's wicked id, the raging conspiracy theorist and bigot who attacks the Right in ways the media doesn't dare, but still enables by propping Sullivan up," – John Nolte,

Actually, my contracts in the past all guaranteed me total editorial independence so there is no change there. And he doesn't seem to understand the difference between a pay-wall (which we won't have) and a meter that nonetheless leaves a vast amount of the content free. But if you want to show him that this is emphatically not a site propped up by anyone except its readers, pre-subscribe here.