The Dish Model: The Data

Basically, we've gotten a third of a million dollars in 24 hours, with close to 12,000 paid subscribers (at last count). On average, readers paid almost $8 more than we asked for. To say we're thrilled would obscure the depth of our gratitude and relief.

More details below. All of the graphics can be enlarged by clicking on them. The number of subscribers and the total revenue that has come in as of 1:15 pm ET today (credit card and Tinypass fees take a small bite out of the revenue number) is below:


The next graphic breaks down subscription revenue by price paid and shows the number of subscriptions at that price. This includes only the 10 prices that have brought in the most revenue:


The number of subscriptions in each country:


Go Canada and Britain! The number of subscriptions in each state:


If our goal was an annual income of somewhere around $900K (we erred on the safe side), we have gotten a third of the way there in 24 hours, which is why we're all somewhat gob-smacked. We feared it would take far longer for us to get that kind of support. Total number of paid subscribers? Almost 12,000 right now. That's still only 1 percent of our total monthly readership – so we have plenty of room to talk more of you into subscribing before the meter hits. And the current number is misleading because of that. We really won't know how effective this is going to be until we actually have the meter in place. That's the only true measurement of how many readers will eventually pay to read the Dish.

But as a kick-off, this has been, well, words fail. We don't know how to thank you enough. Except to work harder than ever to make the Dish everything it can be in the future.

If you've held off so far, please think about giving it a go. We're still in the foothills of the mountain we need to climb. At the basic price, it's around a nickel a day. Simply as an experiment in figuring out how to make journalism work in the new media world, it's a pretty good investment. In return, we'll stay as transparent as we can (this post is a downpayment) – and answer only to you.

Pre-subscribe here.  My explanation of the move is here. And, er, you rock. But we knew that already.