Arizonans Self-Report


A reader writes:

I read with interest the statistics regarding sign-ups by country and state.  When I saw Arizona, though, I was surprised, because I had subscribed yesterday evening and I live in Goodyear, AZ.  (Our zip is 85395, in case you're looking for it.)  Perhaps it's just that the statistics were captured before I signed up. So, even though Arizona is pretty hopeless in its politics, there are a few of us here who appreciate your point of view and this Arizonan is proud to be a Dishhead.


PLEASE, PLEASE let us know if we are the first subscribers in Arizona! Can we be the only Dishheads in the state?

Not nearly so, since more than two dozen Arizonans wrote the Dish to announce their formal support. According to the most recent data, we have 181 subscribers in Arizona. The subscriber numbers on the world and state maps were added manually. In our rush to get the statistics up as soon as possible, subscribers in The Grand Canyon State must have inadvertently been left off the map. But the error had at least one good effect:

I've been putting off buying my membership, but the empty space on the enrollment map over my home state of Arizona moved me to action. If there's a "1" over it now, that's me.

In fact, four other readers emailed to say the same thing. Join them in subscribing to the new Dish here.

(Modified Dish subscriber chart from The Atlantic Wire)