Broadband For All?

Jon Brodkin reports on satellite companies that claim they can "provide broadband speed to nearly every American without costly construction projects to bring cables to the home":

Latest-generation satellites operated by HughesNet and ViaSat offer 10 to 15 Mbps down and 1 to 3 Mbps up to nearly any home in the US, representatives of those companies said. They believe the industry simply suffers from an awareness problem. Previous-generation satellite products offered only a fraction of that speed, and even people who realize satellite is available to them may not know that the latest products are as fast as they are.

But gamers beware:

"We can't get around physics and the speed of light," said Dan Turak, VP of sales and distribution at ViaSat Communications. "We have about a half-second latency. The only time latency becomes an issue is for a gamer. We're very clear to that customer that you'll probably lose if you're playing against someone without satellite broadband. That latency is just enough to cause delay."

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