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Yes, we are still being hosted by the Beast’s servers. But as of today, we are our own independent entity, and over the coming weekend, the site will migrate to a new URL and a newish ad-free design (our creed is “very gradual change you can believe in”). By Sunday at midnight, we should have the new meter in place – so those of you who have already signed up need only enter your username and password. If you’re worried about your bookmark, don’t be. Whatever bookmark you have – from the days of http://www.andrewsulivan.com onwards – will automatically redirect to the new site.

The chances are there will be some glitches.

We have tried very hard to prep for as smooth a transition as possible, but there are unknown unknowns, as someone once noted. So please be patient as we move. I want to thank all my former colleagues at Newsweek and the Beast for their support and work in helping us transition – and for all they did for us for the last couple of years. Tina Brown made this launch possible, by giving us the resources to keep this operation afloat, adding two paid interns and one new editor, and then seeing the logic of independence and wishing us all the best. Without that, we wouldn’t have the Dish we are now launching. One personal thing: Tina was a wonderful, demanding editor, a truly class act, and a humane, sensitive person. I wish an often jealous press corps would see that truth. In the last six months at the Beast, we also saw our traffic rise to an average of 1.8 million unique readers a month. Our pageviews increased by around 40 percent in two years. That’s a hell of a ski-jump to launch off.

Chris, Patrick, and Chas have really been amazing this past month as well (though they amaze constantly). This was truly a team effort. I simply do not have the skillset to start and run a small business – but they mastered it for me. And of course, your extraordinary generosity and support drove all of this. Two words: thank you.