Leftover Racism


Ruth Krause and Helen Whittle lament that the German language “is littered with what some people view as derogatory or discriminatory words,” often connected to antiquated racial or ethnic terms:

In pubs across Bavaria, people order “Negroes” or “Russians,” and receive a wheat beer mixed with cola or lemonade. A traditional restaurant in Kiel is proudly called Zum Mohrenkopf, which translates as The Moor’s Head.

Words such as “negro” and “Moor” have been disdained by the politically correct crowd for years. But “negro kisses” or “Moor heads,” a German adaptation from the Frenchtête de nègre, or “negro head” – referring to candies made from marshmallows, chocolate and wafers – remain firm favorites at children’s birthday parties.

(Photo by Janet McKnight)