Your New Dish

The one thing we decided very early in designing the site was to make it work better for you. Some of that is what you don’t see. There are no ads. There is no banner clutter or promos from our host site. We’ve tried to keep the old design as much as possible – with some homage to the early site colors as well. The Dish should automatically re-size to whatever device you are on – to make it more readable.

On the right column, we have both my recent longer posts “Keepers” and an archive of them. We also howlerhave for the first time a list of Reader Threads, which will proliferate in due course, also with an archive (featuring my favorite ever on late-term abortion).

Speaking of archives, check the new one out. I have given a sharp dagger for anyone who wants to make me look foolish – so have at it. But seriously, they now go all the way back to 2001. Then there’s the new search engine, which is light years’ better than poor man’s version of Google we had before. Again: just try it out. You’ll find every post in reverse chronological order on any subject you can imagine. We also moved the bookstore to its own separate page.

The blog is also now unending: you can scroll down indefinitely if you so wish, and the read-on button should also be much quicker. We’ve tried to make the whole site as simple, clean and easy as possible to navigate, search, read and watch. It’s inevitable that we’ll have some glitches today. Please be patient with us. At the same time, we sure hope you will send us more suggestions, criticisms, ideas and tweaks (the new email address is This experiment is just beginning and we need you to make it better.

Oh, and subscribe! Just click the red button in the upper-right corner of the Dish, above the howling beagle.