Secrecy Schmecrecy

On the eve of the Congressional hearings for John Brennan. Mike Isikoff gets the memo (or a clumsily dumbed down version of the original memo) that describes the process for extra-judicial killing by the US government in a state of war with al Qaeda. Read the memo here (pdf). I’m going to read and think a little more before I post my reaction. But I have one that requires no time. Why on earth should this have been kept so secret for so long? Why does it take a Congressional hearing to see it? All of this is again antithetical to the kind of government Obama promised to give us: as transparent as possible. And if a government cannot be transparent with the rules and procedures it uses to assassinate American citizens, then it is truly out of control.

I want Senators to ask Brennan why this was kept secret for so long, who ordered that secrecy, and what the rationale was for such secrecy. Who does this president think he is?

The Pope?