The Lioness In Winter


Ambers sizes up the Democrats’ presidential hopefuls:

The Democratic Party has two tiers of candidates. In order for the second tier of candidates to even conceive of running, then the first tier has to step aside. That first tier, of course, is occupied by Clinton. Her intentions are unknowable, but trust me when I tell you that, to the extent that the Democratic Party still has reliable donors and committed activists, the lion’s share are hoping Clinton runs and are ready to endorse her immediately. She is the 800-pound gorilla in a pantsuit. No one moves until she does.

I’m glad I didn’t use that metaphor. Update from a reader:

So am I crazy or is this pretty much exactly where the Democratic Party was heading into 2008? It was going to be a Hillary coronation, remember? Barack Obama was certainly a rising star, but nobody thought the idea of him getting the nomination was plausible, especially this far away from the election.  At this point, there are many legitimate reasons that Clinton has earned the nomination, more so then before 2008. But if I were her, the parallels would make me uneasy. Particularly if she runs the same textbook frontrunner campaign she did in 2008. Presumably she has learned a thing or two since then.

(Photo: This February 6, 2013 photo illustration shows a woman viewing the new website of Hillary Clinton in Washington, DC. Once again fueling speculation about whether she will run for president in 2016, Clinton launched a new website even before she officially stepped down as secretary of state. According to news reports, the website was registered on Thursday, just 24 hours before Clinton stepped down as America’s top diplomat, handing the baton to John Kerry. By Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images)