All About Israel, Ctd

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A reader writes:

As an orthodox, born-again Christian, I find Inhofe’s statement breathtakingly crazy. All those years when Israel was in exile in Babylon, those centuries between Rome and the establishment of the modern political state of Israel – the word of God wasn’t true then? Does he realize that he has just said that humans possess the power to negate the word and promises of God? I believe that might be heresy; if not, it is at least heterodoxy.

It might also be fun to point out to Inhofe that the Palestinians are also descendants of Abram, via Ishmael, so regardless of which ethnic group is in power, the land remains in Abrahamic hands.

Another writes:

I think Inhofe is being incredibly duplicitous when he cites the book of Genesis as reason for supporting Israel and argues that we should support Israel because God decreed Israel belongs to the Jews. The real reason fundamentalist Christians support Israel is not in the first book of the Bible but the last book – Revelations. Revelations (supposedly) prophecies that the Second Coming of Christ will be preceded by the return of Israel to the Jews and by war in the Middle East. Fundamentalists support Israel today, as well as military action against Iran, Iraq, and the Palestinians, because they believe the Second Coming is imminent. See, for example, this piece in the conservative City Journal.