Thank Yous

Creating this new blog and small business from scratch in one month was not an easy task. Most told us it could only be done in three months. The following people proved that prediction wrong.


Thank you to Tim, Trevor, David, Josh, Kirill and Kyung at Tinypass, who, since the beginning of our partnership, have never ceased to surpass our expectations and make this a success.

Our gratitude to Christopher Cochran, Helen Hou-Sandi, Craig Chevrier and Jake Goldman at 10up, our elite team of WordPress developers, who, on an extremely short timeline, helped us make the new Dish as fast, responsive and reader-friendly as it could be. Thanks to Paul Maiorana and Mo, Nikolay, Alex, Paul, Daniel, Steph and everyone else at WordPress VIP, our illustrious web host.

A big thanks to Cord Blomquist and his team at ReadyMadeWeb, who figured out how to migrate our unruly archive of 86,000 posts from Typepad into WordPress. And thanks to Dishtern Doug for devising a way to blend our 2001-2006 posts into the new site so that our archive is now complete for the first time. Props to Dishtern Brendan for tackling the Sully and Hitch transcription. Our gratitude to Matt Stowe and Nate Butler at the Beast for helping to make our move as seamless as possible, as well as Arran Bardige for his analytics help and Brian Ries for assisting our social media switch. Thanks to the design/dev team Ronik and web designer Jesse Pugh for their early guidance. And thanks to Steve Hanley at Getty Images for streamlining our new account and to Terry Colon for his brilliant cartoons.

Those of you racking up read-ons and waiting for the nudge to cough up a nickel a day can get it over with – and never see a pop-up – by subscribing [tinypass_offer text=”here”].