The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew questioned whether a focus on continued growth can truly make us happy, reminded the Breitbart crew that reality always wins, wondered if Republicans will be able to move past neoconservatism, and cheered Zack Kopplin for standing up to Christianists in the South. In lighter fare, he recounted his run-ins with New York Shitty barbers, groaned at the places people miss connections, challenged readers to identify the sponsored Buzzfeed article, and empathized with Lena Dunham over the bizarreness of sex.

In political news, we tempered enthusiasm about the intellectual changes on the Right and started speculating about the 2014 midterm elections. Florida governor Rick Scott bucked the trend on Medicaid expansion while we pondered the Swiss healthcare model. Jon Huntsman earned an Yglesias for his evolution on marriage, Spencer Woodman worried that a minimum wage hike won’t solve problems with wage theft, Goldblog noted Ben Shapiro’s fascism, and George Galloway showed his lack of respect for free speech.

In assorted coverage, Chinese officials engaged in paranoid displays of affection but were not the first ones to censor American films, and Ben Schiller dispatched Twitter to the sites of natural disasters. We peered into the future of Heads-Up Displays and Amazon was unfazed by all types of beachside husbands. Banksy resisted fitting in to the capitalist machine, employees of marijuana dispensaries organized, and rappers promoted justice over criminality.

Elsewhere, Richard Cottrell dug up reasons archives are often ignored, Rachel Yoder witnessed the decline of Amish romance novels, one of W.H. Auden’s former students remembered but still couldn’t understand Milton’s poetry, and we reviewed the motive behind Beyoncé’s biopic. Dr. Mark Taubert contemplated blogging as palliative care, Derek Beres got fed up with perpetual spiritual healing, while Stanley Cavell reached clarity through doubt. We gazed out onto a fog-shrouded California hillside in today’s VFYW, stop-motion shredded through the MHB, and shared in a West Ham haircut in the FOTD.

– D.A.