Mortal Combat Cardio

Scott Adams theorizes that an elaborate videogame/exercise hybrid he’s conjured, “Morph Herding,” could boost results at the gym:

We know that people who win competitions experience spikes in testosterone, and that testosterone helps you build muscle faster.  And you know that listening to your iPad makes it easier to exercise because it gets you all pumped up. Your brain is continually adjusting your body chemistry to fit the situation. My hypothesis is that the brain distinguishes between important tasks, such as survival (including fictional survival situations), versus unimportant tasks such as yoga. [“Morph Herding”] is designed to mimic the primal urge for hunting. It is also designed to feel like a job that satisfies our need to complete physical tasks. And because one wrong move in an ultra-light means death, the simple act of steering your vehicle will seem important to your brain. Put all of that together and my hypothesis is that your brain would produce an ideal mixture of chemistry in your body to keep you exercising longer and harder, and to build muscles faster. …

With the treadmill, your brain has no reason to juice up your body chemistry so you can perform better in this trivial and boring task.

Sure beats watching CNN with subtitles, while rocking to the PSBs.