The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew marked more signs of progress on the Right and found a silver lining in the ridiculousness of the sequester. Later, he demanded transparency on targeted assassinations and processed an historic Republican breakthrough on marriage equality.

In political news and views, we considered the impact of Senator Cruz, debated the pain of the sequester, and ideas actually mattered in 2012. In health care coverage, Yglesias focused on the impact of doctor salaries on costs. We forecast the effects of changing weather on work, Douthat fretted over the demographic profile of those dropping out of the workforce, and Yahoo! terminated telecommuting. Abroad, Italy voted for “Ingovernability” in their recent election.

In assorted coverage, Gabe Habash gawked at Matt Kahn’s reading list and Amber Forcey rejected self-righteous nostalgia. Jen Doll dove into the craaaaaazy language of Twitter, Erica Westly explored her fascination with outsourced paperwork, and a reader drew parallels between BuzzFeed and Politico. William Deresiewicz celebrated the timelessness of good food, J-P Metsavainio brought nebulas down to earth, and Thomas Dixon cast a critical eye over theories on tears. A reader pointed to a Portuguese middle-ground in bullfighting, Ambers corrected Glenn Beck on the party of pro wrestling, Laurie Santos and Jesse Bering discussed disgust and sex, readers chimed in on the merits of live music, and two Michelles had a dance-off.

Garance Franke-Ruta meditated on the ups and downs of an activist youth while we mourned the passing of an evangelical Surgeon General who refused to let faith trump science and navigated the tensions of faith, and . We revealed the home of the Rodeway Inn in this week’s VFYW contest, breezed through the Caribbean in the VFYW, de-memed the Harlem Shake in the MHB, and Marine recruits prepped for a test in our FOTD.

— D.A.