A Clapper For The Millennials

The new Myo looks amazing:

Kottke is also impressed:

Wearable computing is heating up. Jawbone and Nike are vying for your wrists, Google and Lat Ware want your face, Fitbit owns the hips, and Apple might want to make your shoes smarter. But one of the most intriguing demos I’ve seen, if the footage in the video is to be believed, is the Myo gesture control armband.

How it works:

The Myo actually reads the electrical activity in your muscles, rather than relying on a camera. This seems like a pretty smart approach, as the Myo can decipher complex finger gestures, flicks and rotations without requiring line-of-sight. That suddenly opens up a new world of interactivity that doesn’t require the user be sitting in front of a camera-equipped computer, or dancing around in front of a Kinect.

The bands sold over 10,000 units during its first two days of pre-order.