Are Evangelical Latinos Up For Grabs?

Not really. Nate Cohn disagrees with Jeb Bush’s advice:

Bush’s book offers this advice for Republicans: “Get religion.” He adds, “What is most striking about Hispanic religious beliefs is their attachment to ‘renewalist’ faiths—Pentecostal, evangelical, and charismatic,” he adds. But Hispanics aren’t as socially conservative as this assumes. Hispanics, by a 59-30 margin, think society should accept homosexuality, which is slightly higher than the general population’s 58-33. Even 38 percent of Hispanic evangelicals think homosexuality should be accepted, compared to just 29 percent of white evangelicals.

Elizabeth Dias explains why Latinos are attracted to Evangelicalism and Pentecostalism:

Many Latino Catholics, especially in Latin America, also identify with evangelical-like and Pentecostal-like practices and incorporate them into the Catholic mass. In the United States, Latino Catholics often attend evangelical services because they are conducted in Spanish and incorporate cultural elements—like food and dance—from their home countries. “Most Latinos are becoming Protestants within their ethnic identity and not as part of an assimilation process,” explains Juan Francisco Martínez, professor of Hispanic studies and pastoral leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary, in his book Los Protestantes.

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