Illustrating Inequality

The above video on wealth inequality in America, despite being a few months old, has suddenly racked up millions of new views this week. Daniel Luzer attempts to understand the public’s poor estimation of the existing wealth distribution:

Part of the reason Americans don’t understand class might be because true inequity is so excessive that we might well characterize it as unfathomable. That’s because one cannot show in any reasonable format, whether in print or on the web, both the wide distribution of people who have virtually no money, and the amount of money possessed by a very, very small portion of rich people.

Steven Mazie questions the video’s conclusion that “all we need to do is wake up and realize that the reality in this country is not at all what we think it is”:

If the 2.2 million+ viewers of the video were to expand, Gangnam style, to all 311 million Americans and everyone finally saw with clear eyes just how vast wealth inequality truly is in their country, things would change, right? Maybe, but I seriously doubt it. Even leaving aside Republican resistance to measures that could dent the wealth gap, many Americans would likely remain opposed to measures that would be necessary to seriously address the problem.