The Dish Model, Ctd

NPR ran a five minute segment on it on All Things Considered yesterday. Check it out. And don’t forget to subscribe [tinypass_offer text=”here”]. It’s total access to the Dish, infinite scroll, infinite search, every post in full. The alternative is a lot of advertizing, less white space, and less time for us to focus on the journalism rather than the business. The more you look around the web and its economic models, the more I feel convinced that we need to start a movement in the direction of actual subscriptions for actual blogazines/blogs/news-sites. The Internet offered us a million different voices. But if they are all tied to corporate dollars, sponsored content and desperation for pageviews, they may all end up in the same noisy, confusing commercial maelstrom. We’re trying to jump-start a saner, calmer, stabler model. And we cannot do it without you.

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