There’s An App For That?

STD Triage is a particularly novel advancement in medical apps:

If you’re worried that one-night stand left you with more than just an empty bed in the morning, you can fire up the STD Triage app, snap one overview photo and one close-up, include a few notes about your symptoms, and send a report off to iDoc24′s dermatologists, who are currently practicing in different parts of Europe. The first doctor to respond will evaluate your symptoms and photos and send back a few possible diagnoses and recommendations for treatment. You pay $10 to get their answer. “We give about 70 percent of the patients pharmaceutical treatment advice,” says Börve. “But we also always tell them if their symptoms don’t change or get worse to see their doctor.” The other 30 percent are told to see a doctor, and the app shows a map of STD clinics nearby.

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