A Stand-Up Job

Gregory Ferenstein insists that we should all be walking while we work:

After piloting a walking desk – a standing desk attached to a treadmill – for a month, I’m convinced they should become the default workstation. Immediately, my daily calorie burn jumped 30.7 percent, and I lost 3 pounds and a percent of body fat in a week. I also experienced less joint pain throughout the day. …

The first day I couldn’t walk more than an hour at a time before I felt like I was losing concentration. It also takes some getting used to walking like a Tyrannosaurus rex (arms tucked-in and elbows bent at the keyboard). At first, I would work for an hour walking, and then sit for 30 minutes. The first day I walked about four hours. Now I only rest once a day. It also took a bit to develop the musculature in my upper back to support raised arms for hours on end. This is no longer a problem.

Update from a reader:

That chart is totally misleading.  By starting at 2400 calories it makes it appear like the walking desk helps you burn 300% more calories than sitting, but it actually you’d burn 33% more calories.  Not that the walking desk is a terrible idea or anything.