Faces Of The Day


A compelling collection of adult film actresses with and without their makeup. Ryan Broderick’s take:

These incredible transformations prove that just about anybody can “look like a porn star.” Here are the revealing images of the actresses with their stage name, the number of films they’ve appeared in, and their age. These photos are originally from xmelissamakeupx’s Instagram account, which were then uploaded to Imgur and shared on Reddit.

Update from a reader:

I’m a straight guy, and I was looking at today’s “Faces of the Day” and you know what? I didn’t see “anybody can look like a porn star.”

I saw a group of attractive women make a transformation that is pretty familiar to women and to those of us who date them. Almost across the board these were women you’d be flattered to talk to in a bar. I saw a group of women who were working *hard* – this isn’t powdering your nose, this is an elaborate process.

I saw a group of women demonstrating a skill that Broderick didn’t even seem to see: the ability to sell yourself as a fantasy. Not just their bodies, or their costumes and makeup, but a posture and an attitude that is completely calculated. I perform for a living – that requires deep knowledge of your audience and of yourself.

I’m not saying that pornography is massively skilled labor, but it’s clearly freakin’ hard work. If anyone can look like a porn star, then anyone can look like an Abercrombie model. Step one – three hours a day in the gym …