Crowdsourcing On Steroids, Ctd

A reader writes:

Can we discuss the Veronica Mars thing?  Because this is a Warner Bros property!  So what, everyone chips in their $100 or whatever, gets their t-shirt and whatnot, then buys a ticket to see the movie? So now the audience has paid to make the movie AND for the price of admission. For a WB movie. A huge corporation. Yes, they will be paying for advertising and distribution, but this is a con. They risk next to nothing and potentially reap all the profits on the back end.

That is, in my opinion, NOT what crowd sourcing is about.  I do love that it’s getting a movie made that otherwise would never see the light of day, but come on. Crowd sourcing should be to support independent ventures. (And speaking of which, keep up the good work; I’m already in for $100 and intend to give at least that each year because The Dish is an independent venture that I can get behind crowd-sourcing!)

Another adds:

And guess what happens with all the money collected on Kickstarter above and beyond the $2 million goal? There’s no transparency, so we don’t know.