All Those Straight Supporters

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A reader writes:

I’m sure you’re getting a lot a mail today regarding the Supreme Court oral arguments, but thought I would share an observation. I’m a 50+ gay female. I’ve been in a solid relationship for over 10 years. We’ve taken every legal step we can to protect ourselves (wills, Powers of Attorney, etc). We have super supportive families and friends.

However, I can honestly say that the idea of marrying my partner – legally – has never really occurred to me. It’s just not something that I dreamed about or wished for. I guess I’ve just moved through life thinking, “It’s not possible, so why even think about it?” I’ve followed the court cases cautiously and even a little fearfully.

But then today I checked out my Facebook feed and see update after update of friends changing their profile pictures to red equal-sign logos, and posts about wearing red, and posts on hearing updates. Even my young niece changed her profile pic to a red logo.

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks: the majority of folks who made these updates and posts are straight! In my circle, the biggest champions of marriage equality have been my straight friends. I am somewhat ashamed that others are fighting and believing in something for me that I never fought myself – merely for the reason that I just never thought it was possible. To be sitting here on such a precipice, with all of their support, is amazingly humbling.

(Photo by Instagrammer Sarahownage with the caption, “My one political event while living in DC.”)