Who’s Next?

Kilgore notes that, after a series of conversions, there are only nine Democratic senators who have yet to voice their support for marriage equality:

According to Zack Ford’s count at ThinkProgress, the Democratic senators who have not announced support for marriage equality are Carper, Casey, Donnelly, Heitkamp, Johnson, Landrieu, Manchin, Nelson and Pryor. Johnson announced yesterday he is retiring. So the only Dem senators up in 2014 who are holdouts are Landrieu and Pryor.

Josh Voorhees looks at the senators who have recently come out in favor of equality:

Of the four most recent conversions, Hagan and Warner face reelection next year, while McCaskill and Tester are fresh off winning another six-year term last fall. Hagan’s announcement remains the most politically daring given it was only last year that North Carolina voters easily passed an amendment banning gay marriages and civil unions in the state (although she was already on record on opposing that amendment, so it’s unlikely she’d have been able to avoid the topic on the campaign trail).