The View From Your Window Contest: Winner #146

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 4.11.37 AM

As all of you contest fanatics noticed, we didn’t post the results yesterday at the normally scheduled time, due to the nonstop coverage of the SCOTUS hearings. But wait no longer:

I thought this one was going to be easy – just match up the design on the police cars and voila! After plumbing the endless world of local patrol car detailing, I still got nothin’. Champion, who manufactured the window through which the photo was taken, apparently distibutes only within the US, east of the Mississippi. Based on the landscape, my heart cries mid-Atlantic states. It’s a sizable river, so let’s say it’s the Susquehanna. It’s a small town, so let’s say, at random, Nescopek, PA.

Another reader:

I know I am probably thousands of miles off, but this looks like Atchison, Kansas, birthplace of Amelia Earhart. Atchison sits on the banks of the Missouri River.  The police cars look familiar, the last remnants of shoveled snow from a recent snow storm remain and, well, it just looks like the place I am desperately trying to recall from memory.  I figured why not guess?


First time I can at least muster even a half-assed guess. As an Omahan, I think it looks like a shot from somewhere along the Nebraska side of the Missouri River.  Looks like a beautiful gloaming on the Loess Hills of Western Iowa.  Unfortunately, a quick Google Earth trip up the Muddy Mo revealed no such location.  On the bright side, following that great river from satellite photos is fascinating. The Flood of 2011 is evident and, despite its destruction, eerily beautiful.  A hybrid view that includes state lines seems to indicate that some land may have changed hands too! (Though, I suppose these maps are only somewhat accurate.)  At any rate, reading VFYW guesses on Tuesdays is something I always look forward to. I am happy to experience a VFYW from the Saturday end of things for once!


I think it is a view from the top level of the Livermore Falls, Maine town hall. Either the main lobby or one of offices behind the service counter. I’ve done some business there. The Androscoggin river is in the background.


Oh the hours I’ve spent Google-map-riverboating down every river in North America. Started up-river from Pittsburgh, headed all the way down the Ohio, then switched over to the Hudson, and then went over to the upper Mississippi … you get the idea. I sure hope someone was able to see the lettering on one of the two cop cars. And they say March Madness wastes valuable work time!

My guess: Second floor room of the No-Tell Motel, facing south, overlooking the Oil City Police Department impound lot, next to the mighty Allegheny River. Wrong, but I have to submit SOMEthing after all those hours!


This looks like Southeastern Ohio to me and given recent news, I would guess Steubenville. I would look for the exact location, perhaps the Juvenile Court Building, but I have to get my teams ready for the collegiate National Debate Tournament next week. It is sort of like March Madness, but for the cool kids.

Another gets on the right track:

First-timer here. Would do more research but I’m leaving tomorrow on a trip. That is absolutely a picture of the east side of the Hudson, probably somewhere in Westchester County. I’m going to guess it’s Tarrytown, and that the building near the water tower might be part of the abandoned GM plant there. If you were to stand near the police car, you would probably see train tracks – the Hudson Line of Metro-North – running along the river. The amount of snow also maps with what’s been going on in the area lately. It’s the remnants of the snowstorm we had on March 19.


I’m pretty sure the window is on the western side of the Hudson River. So I will go with Highland Falls, NY, outside of West Point.

Another nearly gets it:

This strongly resembles the Palisades, as seen from the NY side, just north of NYC. The police car’s logo is identical to the ones in my village, across the river. I will take a guess and say it’s Yonkers, since that is where the Palisades are highest – though it could also be Dobbs Ferry or Hastings on Hudson.

Another nails it:

As someone who lived in NYC for 12 years, I instantly recognized the Hudson River and the Jersey cliffs beyond, so I just scrolled up the Hudson until I saw the unmistakable slanted roofs of the factory sitting right on the shore of Hastings-on-Hudson. And while it is fun trying to investigate a VFYW photo clue by clue, scouring Google Maps for hours, I have to admit a certain thrill when you look at a photo (here, of a place I haven’t even visited) and just feel in your gut you know where it is:

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 9.17.15 AM

Makes me miss New York.


I know exactly where this is.  The town on the east bank of the Hudson where this must be from is Hastings-On-Hudson. Every time I go hiking upstate, I take the Metro-North Hudson Line from Grand Central. In the last year noticed the remnants of a rock slide on the New Jersey side of the Pallisades, which is described in this article.

Another points to a local news report of the slide on YouTube. Another sends the photo seen to the right. Another writes:

vfyw 23-mar-2013 picture 2Sometimes you get lucky. On Monday, I took a very scenic train trip along the east bank of the Hudson River from Rhinecliff, NY into New York City. I was looking out the window when I saw the most distinctive feature of this VFYW: the recent scar of a rock slide along the Hudson Palisades. After recognizing that, the rest was easy.

By the way, I would like to share just one fact that my mother told me about the Hudson Palisades: It’s a fjord. How cool is that?

More than 150 readers correctly answered Hastings-on-Hudson, but only three of them have gotten difficult views in the past without yet winning. The most accurate entry of those three is the following:

hastings_on_hudson1I’ve spent hours on previous windows without making any progress, and so it was with great satisfaction that I recognized this week’s view the moment I saw it!  I live in California these days, but I grew up in New York, and it’s hard to forget the Palisades.  That light-colored streak in the cliff marks the site of a major rockfall in May of 2012.  The fall liberated roughly 10,000 tons of rock from the cliff, the largest such event in at least the last 25 years.

On to the actual window.  The photograph was taken from the third floor (also the top floor) of the River Edge Apartments, looking south west across the Hudson River.  I’ve attached an aerial view of the apartment complex and circled the correct window in red, but it’s partially obscured by the overhang of the roof and some tree hastings_on_hudson2branches.  Sorry, best I could do.  I’ve also attached a street level view of the south-facing side of the building, but the correct window is again largely obscured, this time by the fire escape.  The correct window is visible looking through the bars of the fire escape.  I’ve done my best to circle it in red.

This marks my sixth correct entry in seven weeks.  I’m sure you’ll have many correct entries from New Yorkers (and beyond) this week, but hopefully I’m moving up in the tie-breaker rankings!

And into the winner’s circle. From the submitter, for the record:

3rd floor of the building.  I’m a Hastings resident.  By the way, the Hastings farmer’s market moves back outside to the parking lot shown in my photo on April 13!