The Marijuana Movement Keeps Growing

California Legalization

Abby Rapoport examines the efforts of marijuana reformers:

The next big question for activists will be whether to start more initiative campaigns for 2014 or whether to wait until the next presidential election. [Mason] Tvert [co-director of the initiative campaign in Colorado] advocates focusing on the legislative level for now, and says the initiative process shouldn’t be tried again until the next presidential election—when turnout is higher across the political spectrum. Midterm elections tend to rev up groups out of power—currently the conservative base. Not everyone is willing to wait, though. In Florida, two big Democratic fundraisers have announced their intention to help get a medical-marijuana initiative on the ballot in 2014. According to [Allen] St. Pierre [executive director of NORML], legalization efforts—like the ones that passed in Washington and Colorado—are in full swing in California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Oregon, where a similar measure failed in 2012. “We already have lots of grassroots on the ground and all of those states ready to rock,” he says.

(Screenshot from (pdf) a recent California field poll.)