The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew signed off for vacation, but not before leaving a new ‘Ask Anything’ video. Meanwhile, we sized up the stakes in the Korean peninsula, Ackerman suggested we ditch the term ‘WMD,’ and Matt Taibbi described the difficulty of knocking down bad laws. We checked in on the chances of a GOP resurgence and the state of immigration reform, explained why the government won’t help us with our taxes and discovered that shale gas won’t hold up progress on renewable energy. Rob Walker told the story of a man forced to rat on criminals, readers continued the delicate thread on “gay rape” and kept up the appraisal of our public defenders.

Elsewhere, Noah Berlatsky stuck up for pricey weddings while we continued the threads on prenups and taking on a husband’s name. Readers pushed further on Justice Roberts’ possible blind spot on the definition of marriage, others defended the idea of political ‘evolution’ on the question, and the World Values survey tracked the progress of gay rights worldwide.

In more assorted coverage, Christopher Jobson came across found art in the age of Google, we witnessed the new found relevance of fanboys, learned some sneezes come from being hot and bothered. Also, we we questioned the authenticity of the Harlem Shake meme and later found the original version of “reality” entertainment was as staged as it is now.

Later, we browsed some dictator kitsch as Dirk Brockmann followed cash around the country and readers responded to Tomasky’s call for a more efficient restaurant check. We agonized over Kevin Ware’s compound fracture, watched cola cans score medical supplies, and asked whether Adderall will become a commonplace energy fix. Touchscreens were put to the test in the MHB, before we remembered that bunnies can be scary in the Face of the Day and spent a moment in Chengdu, China for the VFYW.