Ask Andrew Anything: Processing The Progress On Marriage

by Chris Bodenner

Andrew talks more about his recent trip to West Point here. His analysis of the SCOTUS hearings here and here, and his reaction to Rob Portman’s conversion here. By the way, the reader reaction to the AA reboot has been positive so far:

I just wanted to say that I really liked the new set up and look for the Ask Anything series. I didn’t really like the surreal filter that was used before and often found it more distracting than helpful when listening to the videos. I just watched the AAA on Pope Francis and Ratzinger. The clarity and HD quality used in that video is, in my opinion, preferable to what was set up before. Keep up the great work!


I really like the un-distorted visuals, larger format, and understated background. And I really really really like that you’ve gotten rid of that horrible typing sound when printing out the questions. A brief (and blessedly silent) title at the beginning works perfectly.

A special thanks to Chas for assembling the Dish mobile studio, shooting the footage, and processing the videos. The Ask Anything series is also available on YouTube.