Immigration Reform Is More Popular Than The GOP

by Patrick Appel

After reviewing public opinion on immigration reform, Harry Enten finds that “overwhelmingly majority of Americans now believe that people who came to this country illegally should not be forced to leave it.” He thinks that opposing reform could hurt Republicans:

The real problem for the Republican party is that its brand is currently in the can. With favorable numbers in the low 30s, the GOP is seen as out-of-step with Americans on many issues.

That’s why you’re seeing Democrats jumping out to a large lead on the House ballot for 2014. The latest Quinnipiac poll puts Democrats up by 8pt, more than enough for them to take back the House. Voters are, at this point, not willing to vote for the party that opposes what they believe in. What Republicans don’t need, then, is another issue – that is, immigration – that contributes to notion that they’re out-of-touch with the way most Americans feel.

Opposing immigration reform would be yet another instance of GOP “obstructionism”, which is what most people see as the Republicans’ biggest fault.