The Sound Of Equality, Ctd

A reader writes:

Thanks for posting the clip of NZ parliament following the passage of the marriage equality bill! As a New Zealander living in the US, I’m tremendously proud to be a Kiwi today.  The scene in parliament you posted, the speeches – wonderful. I would love it if you could also post the MP Maurice Williamson’s excellent speech for your readers. It’s making news all over the place and rightly so, as he humorously reassures the anti- equality folk that life will go onthat. He also tweeted a photo of the “big gay rainbow” over his electorate this morning.

Williamson’s epic speech seen above. Another Kiwi writes:

I’m a 17-year-old New Zealander studying in Dunedin. I’ve been reading the Dish nearly every day for about four years now.  I live in a residential college dorm, and everyone came down to the common room to watch the vote. Everyone was on Facebook and Twitter and texting, connecting with friends in other parts of the country, saying “are you watching this?” And when the bill passed and everyone in Parliament started singing, we started singing, too.

Earlier this year, I was following your Millennial Voters thread with interest. In terms of young peoples’ attitude towards marriage equality, I think you rather understated the case. There is no one my age that I know who is not strongly in favour of it. Young adults, at least in NZ, tend to view gay rights as almost a non-issue – so obviously right as to not even merit debate. Unless something truly bizarre happens, in 30 years, there will be few people left who will oppose marriage equality at all.

Kia kaha, Andrew; stand strong. The world keeps getting better.