Not An Actual Peggy Noonan Column

But see if you can tell the difference:

“What hurts me—not physically, but metaphorically, rhetorically, to (she taps her heart)—is the disdain some have for this man, a good, wonderful family man and someone who put down the bottle and picked up, —how do I say this?—God. His God. All of our God, even if you believe in another one. How can you not want to wrap you soul around that story? It’s something Democrats—how do I say this?—don’t have. Maybe their arms are too small, maybe—how do I say this?—they don’t see the soul in which to hug. All I know is they’re afraid—they seem to be afraid, I should say, uh–wow, this is hard, because I don’t really know— to show love. It’s a kinder, gentler love they’re lacking. And it makes me—how do I say this?—sad. And I grieve.”