Fighting PTSD With Pot

Phillip Smith points out how difficult it is for veterans to get medical marijuana:

Despite mounting evidence that medical marijuana can help with PTSD, only a handful of medical marijuana states have approved its use. According to Americans for Safe Access, only California, Connecticut, Delaware, New Mexico and Massachusetts would allow for its use for PTSD, and as we have seen above, it’s still up in the air in the Bay State. … In states that do have medical marijuana laws, but don’t allow it to be used for PTSD, they are criminals, too — unless they hide what they’re actually using it for.

Noting that a major roadblock to approval is the lack of research showing the efficacy of cannabis in treating the condition, Smith fumes:

PTSD sufferers are not waiting for peer-reviewed, clinically-controlled studies to tell them what works. PTSD is a real and growing problem, and medical marijuana appears to do some good. The scientific studies that would satisfy legislators and state review boards need to be done, and that is happening, albeit too slowly, but in the mean time, people are suffering because the government they served at risk to life and limb is now obstructing the research that would legitimize their treatment.