Cannabis As HIV Suppressant?

Preliminary research looks promising:

The [cannabinoid type-2 receptor] in [white blood cell] macrophages is stimulated normally when THC enters the bloodstream, so nothing unusual there. However, it appears that macrophages that have their CB2 receptor stimulated are stronger when it comes to fighting and weakening the HIV-1 virus.

This was discovered when the research team from the Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia infected macrophages with the HIV-1 virus, before then exposing cell cultures to one of three types of synthetic THC that specifically target the CB2 receptor. Comparing these cell cultures after seven days against a control group revealed a clear decrease in the rate of HIV-1 infection. Effectively, the macrophages had become stronger at keeping the HIV-1 virus out.

My viral load remains at zero as I approach the twentieth anniversary of my sero-conversion. For the record, I attribute this to anti-retroviral drugs.