Team Survivor

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From a recent post on Mikey Piro’s blog, PTSD Survivor Daily, which the Dish profiled here:

Twelve years into combat and the feeling I get is that, worse than being judged, we are forgotten. We are killing ourselves at a rate faster than we died in combat and very few people stop to notice.

A few months ago, a college friend of mine took his own life. He served multiple tours overseas with distinction. He came home, settled down, and struggled to find normalcy outside of combat. His passing made me think long and hard about the state of care for Veterans, stigmas for treatment, and the thing that everyone knew about, but few talked about: Suicide…

Awareness and prevention of Veteran suicide will help everyone who suffers in silence to get healthier faster. A bonus will convince those who maybe doubt that they need any help, that maybe a little professional help is a good thing.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Team Survivor on our walk May 4th. Help us smash this stigma and raise awareness.  I set a personal goal of a team of 10.  We are three away from that goal.

Or, if you can’t walk and donate your time, you can always donate something else.  Thank you.

(Photo from Mikey’s Instagram)