The Wild Pig Menace

Jesse Hirsch warns about the “global explosion of wild pigs destroying natural ecosystems, spreading disease, causing a billion dollars in agricultural damage, and proving themselves nearly impossible to combat.” Why hunting does little good:

For one thing, pigs are much tougher targets than deer. Preternaturally smart (they’ve been called Wild Pigs A Growing Problem In Berlin“dolphins of the land”) and fearful of humans, trying to get a bead on one can be an all-day affair. And if you do shoot a wild pig, you best use a high caliber and know where to aim. Their tough hides and thick skulls provide natural shielding that can be quite challenging to pierce. And a wounded wild pig isn’t something you want to wrangle with.

Outside the inherent difficulties with hunting, consider this counterintuitive thought: legalized hunting is tied to increased wild pig populations. As we’ve seen for the past two decades, hunting incentivizes the very behavior which caused the pig bomb.

Bonus 2013 nugget: yes, there are wild-pig hunting drones:

The duo would never use their drone to kill deer or other non-pig creatures. Brown said it wouldn’t be moral, or legal. But pig hunting is a free-for-all in Louisiana. Besides a few mild restrictions during deer season, you can kill any wild pig, anytime. Even babies. “If you’ve got roaches in your house, you don’t leave the eggs behind because they’re poor innocent eggs,” said Brown. “You kill them all.”

Maybe Sarah Palin really does have a chance at a second career.

(Photo: Wild pigs, part of a herd that one eyewitness reported numbered 26 animals, forage on the edge of a public park in Zehlendorf district of Berlin, Germany on August 19, 2008. By Sean Gallup/Getty Images)