This Diploma Goes To Eleven

Nottingham Trent University will now offer a degree in Heavy Metal Music Performance. Colin Schultz is curious:

As a venue for securing employment, sure, maybe it’s not the most straightforward approach. Then again, according to Forbes, a whole host of college degrees, from film and art to philosophy and history, are pretty much pointless if your whole goal is to secure a high-paying wage. But as an intellectual pursuit, how is studying the history and cultural force of heavy metal music any different than studying, say, the societal impact of Renaissance era French poets? For many, college is a time to expand your horizons, to think weird thoughts and to absorb knowledge you’d probably never encounter otherwise. Rock on, Nottingham, \m/.

But the degree does have a practical side:

New College Nottingham has launched the degree to capitalise on the rock and metal music scene in the city which is home to Download festival [that attracts more than 75,000 rock and metal fans every year] and where Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson hails from. … Tutors say the degree isn’t about ‘creating the next rock star’ but is about capitalising on the thriving music industry in the city and enthusiasm for music to make students ready for a career in the industry, not just as performers but to work in music publishing, record companies and teaching.

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