Potbelly Pigs

Of a different variety:

Seattle-based [William] von Schneidau has been feeding marijuana scraps — leaves, stems, and root bulbs — to a stable of pigs. He’s a butcher in newly street-legal Washington; the weed feed comes from a medical marijuana co-op. Von Schneidau’s scheme is an of-the-moment novelty, allowing him to charge $120 for periodic Pot Pig Gig dinners. But he wants you to know: this isn’t about the money, or the PR avalanche (his story has gone semi-viral this week). Pot pigs are simply the latest iteration of his longtime passion — drawing connections between an animal’s diet and its meat. … Like blueberry quails, or the coveted acorn-fed pigs of Spain, von Schneidau believes meat’s flavor can be enhanced through a guided diet. Pot is the most recent of his off-template pig food, which has included spent vodka stillage, microbrew grains, and cantaloupes.

Unfortunately for the pigs, “eating raw marijuana doesn’t give mammals a high.”