What The Hell Is Happening In Sweden? Ctd

A cultural primer on the country:

After looking at the statistics, Frum concludes that no one should be surprised by the recent unrest:

In less than a single decade, the foreign-born share of the Swedish population has risen from under 10% to over 15%. Unemployment among immigrants exceeds 16%; among native Swedes, it is only 6%. [And d]espite a heavily redistributionist tax system and a generous welfare state, the wealth gap between natives and immigrants is wide and apparently widening.

On the corresponding rise in crime:

Swedish authorities are notoriously tight-lipped about the connection between immigration and crime. Sweden does not report data on crimes by foreign-born people, only by foreign passport holders – meaning that an immigrant who has been naturalized will be counted as a Swede for statistical purposes. Even on that restrictive basis, it’s apparent there is a real problem. In 2010, almost 30% of the people in Swedish prisons held foreign passports. A broader study of crime statistics from 1997-2001 – that is, well before the recent immigration surge – found that immigrants and children of immigrants together committed more than 40% of all Swedish crime. In particular, immigrants and children of immigrants were five times more likely than native Swedes to be investigated for sex crimes, a rising Swedish concern.