The Leisurely Type


A charming profile of a typewriter repairman illustrates why some people prefer a vintage writing experience:

“To me the typewriter is better than the computer, not because I’m old fashioned, but because it slows you down. You have to choose the words carefully because you cannot correct,” [Ermanno Marzorati] told [Agence France-Presse]. “It takes a long time to press the key.” … Marzorati said the advantages of computers are over-rated. “Writing on a computer is very distracting, because you get email coming in, you type a word, you delete it, you change it, you get stuck,” he said.

His view is echoed by Christopher Lockett, who regularly takes his 1950 Hermes Baby typewriter with him to write in the open air in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park, next to the hipster Los Feliz district. “There are no text windows in blue popping up, you can’t play music on it,” he said. “I shut off my iPhone, I take my typewriter and sit and I don’t worry about the typos, I keep moving forward, and I go dah dah dah dah ding!”

(Photo: William Faulkner’s Underwood Universal Portable typewriter, by Gary Bridgman,, via Wikimedia Commons)